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5 Ways to Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Using eyelash extensions has become the du-jour of the beauty trends in Australia. Gone are the days of being frustrated over not being able to recreate your favourite eye makeup looks because you don’t have long enough or voluminous natural eyelashes.

Enter – Ardell Lashes – your go-to solution to get longer and fuller eyelashes. You can get a variety of eyelash extensions, and they can stay on your eyes for a long time. However, your bonds are not going to stay on forever. You have to take them out, and you might wonder whether it is safe for you to do it yourself or not.

Taking your extensions out at home by yourself is possible, given that you do it safely. Please keep reading to know the right way to do it!

1. Don’t Ever Pick or Pull your Lashes

Plucking or pulling your bonds out will only end up hurting your natural lashes, causing damage and breakage in them mytoptweets. So, no matter how desperate you are to get rid of them, resist the urge to pluck or pull.

The tugging motion is enough to weaken your natural fringe even if you believe you will be super-careful while pulling them out.

2. Get Under a Steamy Shower

Applying a new set of lashes like the Ardell Lashes comes with the caution of avoiding hot water. The reason is moisture and heat are the two worst enemies of adhesives.

Naturally, hitting the shower is the perfect thing to do when it comes to removal. A long, steamy shower will loosen the glue, and your lashes will come off easily.

3. Make Oil-Based Cleanser your New Friend

Remember when your lash artist advised against using oil-based cleansers to keep your extensions fresh for as long as possible? It is because the oil has the power to break down adhesive that holds your lash together.

So, if you plan to get rid of your extensions, oil-based cleansers are going to be your new best friend. While cleansing your face, move the oil cleanser in gentle, circular motions to loosen the glue.

4. Castor Oil to the Rescue

If you need to get your eyelashes off, add castor oil to your nighttime skincare regime and watch the bonds dissolve while you slumber.

After removing your makeup, use a cotton swab to brush castor oil on your lashes gently.

5. Bring Out the Professional Glue Dissolver

Since the skin around the eye and eyelashes is delicate, it is best to go for a professional extension removal solution. Especially if it is your first attempt at removal, you don’t want to end up causing more damage to your natural ones.

Use a cotton pad to apply your remover. Add a little solution to the pad and gently apply it to your lashes. Take proper care to ensure that the dissolver doesn’t enter your eye, and immediately wash it off if it does.

The Bottom Line

For those who are set to go solo with extension removal, the methods mentioned above are your safest bet.

Taking the DIY route means you will be in the game for the long haul. So, be prepared – start by making oil-based cleansers a part of your skincare regime. Besides, steam showers are also there to help.

Remember, patience is a virtue that you must practise here!