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FIT ‘s General Education Requirements and Courses

FIT students who matriculated after fall 2000 must fulfill General Education requirements in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. These requirements are built into the FIT curriculum and in conjunction with major and related area courses in a degree program. An FIT General Education course cannot be used to meet more than one General Education area.

At the Associate level Art & Design majors take 18 credits of General Education/Liberal Arts courses plus 6 credits of Art/Design History courses (to fulfill the NASAD accreditation requirement), totaling 24 credits. Business & Technology and Film & Media majors take 24 credits of General Education/Liberal Arts courses at the associate level.

At the AAS level, a second English course is required for all majors. English courses cover a wide variety of General Education areas. All FIT students including transfers are required to complete a total of 30 SUNY General Education/ Liberal Arts credits (10 courses) in a minimum of seven of the ten areas in order to receive a Bachelor degree.


This General Education structure is effective for FIT students entering AAS programs in Fall 2014 and for those entering BS/BFA programs in Fall 2015. To complete these requirements for a bachelor degree, students must take 30 credits of General Education approved courses. This distribution is as follows 1. Take one (1) course in each of the following areas (9 credits): Basic Communications (G1), Mathematics (G2), and Natural Science (G3).