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Five Traits of a Great Graphic Designer

Although there is no formula for a great graphic designer, there are a number of traits any graphic designer that aspires to be successful needs to have.  In case you are a business owner and in the market for unlimited graphic design service, then you need to keep an eye on these qualities.

Passionate and Self Driven

Designing logos, imageries and info graphics require lots of effort and time.  The process is quite grueling and involves lots of editing and improving even after you are through with the project. Any successful graphic designer should give their 110% in any project they are doing.

Designers who are not passionate or self-driven can easily be put off with the possibility of working for longer hours. A passionate graphic designer will always take edit requests; make revisions and improvements from what they have designed.


No business owner will want to have their logs, imageries or info graphics delayed just because they hired graphic designer who is not reliable and constantly fails to meet the deadlines. Time is money and when your projects are delayed, you will definitely make some loses.

Any top graphic designer will strive at completing all the design projects in time and ensure they are of high quality and up to the right standards.

Creativity Levels

Just like a web designer, it is important that a graphic designers possess high creativity levels together with the ability of incorporating the creativity into great graphic design projects. There are times when even the creative designers find it difficult to create great designs for their work especially if they are trying to develop something that is not within their area of expertise.

Excellent Communicator

Any great graphic designer should be able to communicate properly whenever relaying content. No one would want to work with a graphic designer that will take long to reply to emails or who is always not reachable on phone. When you hire a graphic designer who does not have great communication skills, then passing ideas to you might be a problem.

If the graphic designer you are working with sends you updates on the progress of the project on a frequent basis, then you just have a right graphic designer.

Willing to learn and Advance

It does not matter how good a graphic designer is, if they are not willing to learn and advance their knowledge, they will never have room to improve and update their knowledge. Technology is always evolving and graphic design software’s are always being modified. It is therefore important for a graphic designer to always update his knowledge and skills to be in line with the latest design tricks and software’s.

It is important that you always hire a great graphic designer to increase your chances of getting great graphic designs.  In case you are not sure of a graphic designer, consider reading reviews or asking your close friends if they have ever interacted with a particular graphic designer and if they would recommend the designer.