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How Do You Play With Pokemon Go Cards?

Gamers (assuming the roles of Pokémon trainers) use their Pokémon to battle one another with Pokemon cards. The Pokémon Go trading cards game is a strategic objective card game typically played on an assigned play-mat. Each player brings a Pokémon onto the field, which then attacks the Pokémon of their opponent. A Pokémon is said to be “Knocked Out” if it has taken sufficient damage from attacks to reach or exceed its HP. The winner receives 1 Prize Card for each “Knocked Out” Pokémon of the opponent, though some unique card mechanics may award up to 2 or 3 Prize Cards in full compliance with their higher hierarchies.

Steps to Play With Pokemon Cards

Sort Your Cards

Your deck should be well-shuffled and contain exactly 60 cards. A flat deck should have between 1/4 and 1/3 energy cards, but you are free to use any percentage that you like. Ask your opponent if it’s okay to play with fewer than 60 cards in a deck if you don’t really have 60 cards to use and you’re playing casually. Ensure both your decks contain the same number of cards as your adversary.

Decide Who Will Go First

Toss a coin to decide who goes first. The first player’s turn cannot include an attack. Draw 7 cards from the deck’s top and then place them face down aside.

Locate Your Starter Pokémon

Look through your seven-card hand for a Basic Pokémon. On the top of the card, a box with the word “BASIC” designates a basic Pokémon. Shuffle your hand into your deck and bring another 7 cards if there are no Basics. It’s referred to as a mulligan. The option to draw an additional card is available to your opponent each time you use a mulligan.

Choose Which Pokémon Are Awake

Put the Pokémon you want to use for attack first—face down—on the playing surface a few inches in front of you when you have at least one basic Pokémon in your hand. More elementary Pokémon cards can be placed face down as a bench underneath your active Pokémon if you have any in your hand. There cannot be more than five Pokémon on your table at once.

Your Six Prize Cards Are Drawn

You may examine your hand, but wait to examine your prizes. These cards should be piled up to the side, face down. Take a prize card whenever you eliminate a Pokémon from your opponent’s lineup. You succeed when your prize cards run out. For a quicker game, fewer prize cards may be used.

Particular guidelines apply to GX and EX Pokémon. You can take two Prize Cards in place of one if you defeat a GX or EX Pokémon.

Despite what many people might think, you do not take or retain your opponent’s Prize Cards. You take Prize Cards from your pile and place them in your hand after defeating a Pokémon.

The rest of your deck should be set aside. These should typically be on your right-hand side, across from the prize cards. Under your deck will be your Discard Pile.

Orient Your Playing Cards Correctly

Ensure that your benched and active Pokémon cards face up before starting. Prizes, the remaining cards in your deck, and the remainder of your hand must all be face down. Your deck and prize cards are not visible to you, only to your hand.

You triumph if you collect all your prize cards, if your opposing player is forced to draw but cannot do so because their deck is empty, or if you eliminate every Pokémon on your opposition’s field.

You can play the Pokémon Go trading cards game (also known as Pokémon TCG) if you enjoy the Pokémon films and shows, TV shows, or video games. It is a terrific way to spend time with your friends while participating in exciting Pokémon battles.