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old 123movies | 123movies old website | How to Get the 123Movies Old Version

There are many ways to get the 123movies old version. Using Google Chrome extension, you can easily download movies from a particular site. First, visit, play the video, and then click the download icon. Once the download is complete, you’ll receive a pop-up indicating that the file has been successfully downloaded. You can rename the files after you have downloaded them. To verify that the download has been successful, type “show my IP” in your browser’s address bar.

Unlike, HDO shows off a variety of lists of movies from various years. The site has an extensive database of movies, and you can even submit requests for new content. Most movies and series have two links, and you can watch them without having to purchase a subscription. This is a free website, but it contains ads. This does not mean that the content is illegal, and it’s still recommended to stay away from it for your own protection. has been down for over a year. You may still find a few sites that look like the original site, but these are simply mirrors and copies. The sites you find there could be malware and spyware, so it is best to avoid them. Sometimes these mirrors come and go, so be cautious when using these sites. If you visit a site with an old version, it is likely to be a fake.

Although there are a lot of 123Movies alternatives available, the best place to start is While has been down for quite a while, you can still find new content on other websites. Once you’ve found your favorites, bookmark multiple streaming sites and watch them for free. When you’re bored of the old version, you can find an alternative that suits you better.

If you don’t want to sign up for a premium membership, try streaming HDO instead. This website offers the 123Movies you’ve come to love. With HDO, you’ll be able to watch new movies and TV shows all day. The downsides of HDO are that you’ll have to pay a subscription to watch the movies you want. But, the price is definitely worth it.

Besides 123movies, a free alternative to this site is While is no longer in business, you can enjoy old movies and watch them at your leisure. The old version of a website is a waste of time and bandwidth. It can also be dangerous. If you’re on a mobile phone, you don’t want to download it – you’re better off using a VPN.

Another great alternative to is This site has a simple interface and a huge list of movies. You can search by genre, country, and top IMDb-rated movies. You can also subscribe to newsletters to keep up with popular movies. And if you’re a member of any site, you’ll have a lot more options to watch movies than just 123movies.