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Police spokesman warns marijuana and cannabis cultivation must be allowed. The hut can be boiled, not for sale

A spokesman for the police warned that marijuana, hemp, must be grown by itself. Inflorescences, cannabis seeds, and extracts with a THC content of more than 0.2% are considered drugs. Ordering products containing foreign ingredients is still illegal. Kratom can be grown and eaten, but it is forbidden to boil and sell. It is forbidden to be a food ingredient in violation of the Food and Drug Act.

Law of CBD

On September 21, Pol Maj. Gen. Yingyot Thepchamnong, a spokesman for the police, summarized the essence of the new law on marijuana, hemp, and Kratom to publicize the general public as follows: marijuana, hemp, and Kratom. According to government policy, it is promoted as a cash crop. Still, the use of these three plants has some limitations for the benefit of the consumer, who can use it only in the beneficial aspects of each plant. Currently, CBD kaufen, hemp, is still controlled as a drug. In 2020, the Ministry of Public Health issued an announcement. That identifies category five narcotics by separating cannabis from marijuana to reduce levels of cannabis and hemp control. To be used in industry and medicine.

According to this announcement, what is still considered a category five narcotic, only inflorescences of hemp and cannabis? And cannabis seeds Hemp seeds, true leaves, branches, roots, bark, stalks, fibers, and extracted residues are not considered drugs. CBD kaufen extracts or hemp oils with a THC content of less than 0.2 percent are not considered drugs.

But an important condition, Namely, cannabis and hemp plants. Do not assume that the parts are that drug Must be allowed to grow properly in the country according to the Narcotics Act No. 7, so you can use cannabis products or medicines. Hemp must see that the product is licensed to produce it. Correctly or not, such as cannabis leaves, branches, fibers, check from the copy of the license. Modern medicine, Thai traditional medicine, cannabis oil check the drug registration mark of the Ministry of Public Health. It must not be forgotten that the medicinal product you must have a doctor’s certificate for use only to treat diseases. Ordering cannabis-containing products or drugs foreign hemp It’s still totally illegal. Growing six marijuana plants in a house is just an idea. There is no law to support it.

Psychosis affect

National Police spokesman said that for Kratom has been canceled from narcotics category five already on August 24, 64, can be used by chewing the leaves. It was boiling and making hut water, or kratom tea can be drunk in a local way. But there is also an announcement of the Ministry of Public Health No. 424/2564, which prohibits Kratom as an ingredient in the food. Therefore, it cannot be used for cooking or boiling cottage water on an industrial scale because it is still an offense under the Food and Drug Act. Passed the parliament’s consideration on September 8, 64, there is a critical control approach to prevent youth from accessing Kratom plants. But has not yet come into force. During this period, parents and guardians are asked to help and warn children and youth not to use kratom or kratom juice because it may affect psychosis until a specific law comes into force Which will probably come out soon.

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