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Top causes of roaches infestation

Cockroaches are widely acknowledged as notorious pests, and not without good reason. Firstly, they are everywhere. In addition, they are resilient, highly adaptable, have high reproductive prowess, and are carriers of many diseases. They are also known to trigger allergies and asthma in predisposed people. Completely eradicating them may also prove difficult, when they become a menace in the home.

So many families have suffered an infestation at some point in their homes without having any idea why there is an invasion of these insects in the first place.

What are the causes of roach infestation?

Below are some noteworthy reasons for the attraction of these insects to your home, and in turn, things to look out for in dealing with them.

Untidy environmental conditions

Unwashed dishes in the sink; food crumbs all over the place; remnants of pet food hidden in obscure spots are some potent attractants of cockroaches in an untidy home.

Driven by their need for food, cockroaches will settle and relentlessly multiply in untidy environments with unhygienic practices, particularly when the untidiness is food-related.

In the long run, this may culminate in serious infestations that only a pest control company can treat or alleviate.

Poor waste management and untimely disposal of wastes

If you practice poor waste management, you are likely to have a myriad of cockroaches infesting your home. When trash cans are overflowing with food waste, for example, they become fertile grounds for cockroaches. Thus, it is important to dispose of food waste as often as possible, and in the right way at that.

You should not just consider food. Cockroaches are diverse in their choice of diet, and so it suggests that even indiscriminate disposal of some non-edibles like paper is certain to lure cockroaches into the home as well.

You have moist spots in your home

Even in the cleanest of homes with top-notch waste disposal and hygienic practices, cockroaches could still pose a problem- if you have moist spots in your home. Their relentless impulse to find water draws cockroaches to moist conditions. Careless spillages left unattended to, for example, can become potent attractants for cockroaches in the long run.

Plumbing leaks in warm, obscure places in the home, offer the perfect living conditions for these critters.

Therefore, regularly inspecting for plumbing leaks in hidden, warm places in the home is important in keeping them out.

Improper maintenance of AC vents

Poor maintenance of air conditioning vents is a potential cause of cockroach infestation as well. If you have air conditioning, regularly inspecting and cleaning its surroundings could help in keeping these little critters away as well.  In cases of infestations, professional help is certain to yield great results. Learn more here.


Cockroaches are resilient and have a propensity to multiply quickly in fertile conditions. Therefore, they may prove difficult to eradicate after they have established themselves in your home. A good advice is to consult pest control firms that can help deal with these mischievous critters. Also, rather than having to deal with full-blown situations, you could nip the infestation in the bud by diligently implementing the appropriate preventive measures. These would go a long way in providing the ideal cockroach-free environment you desire.