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What are beard oils, and why are they important?


A complete, healthy beard is the sign of a man who cares for himself. But growing that beard can be tricky without the right products. Beard oil is one of them, and it’s arguably the most important. Let’s discuss why one needs to use it and how best to apply it to benefit from this fantastic product!

Most people cannot grow a beard.

But there’s another type of person who can grow a beard, but it’s patchy, thin, and scraggly. Their facial hair grows in patches, so they have to spend an hour every morning trying to comb out the follicles growing in weird places—like under the chin, on the neck, near the ears, or under the eyes—so they don’t show up in photos. It takes forever!

Beard oil’s benefits.

  • Maintains a healthy-looking beard, and also helps keep the skin underneath the facial hair moisturised and healthy and less likely to itch or burn.
  • If you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin in general, using beard oil regularly will significantly reduce the occurrence of breakouts when growing out your facial hair.
  • It can also help prevent dandruff by moisturising dry skin on the face, leading to less flaking.
  • It can help prevent ingrown hairs by softening the hair follicle and allowing it to grow more efficiently.

Beard looks and feels like straw.

Not using beard oil can leave your beard looking and feeling like straw, or even worse, like pubic hair. This is not a good look. But with some care and attention to detail, you can ensure that doesn’t happen. Beard oil is essential to caring for your beard—it helps keep the hair healthy and soft and makes the hairs lie flat instead of sticking out in every direction.

In order to grow a healthy, full beard, you must take care of it properly.

To grow a healthy, full beard and keep it looking great, you must take care of it properly. Beard oil is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your beard’s health and appearance. Beard oil will encourage beard growth by increasing blood flow to the follicle roots.

A good example of this is the Northern Idaho men who invest plenty of time and resources into maintaining their facial hair. The Northern Idaho, also popularly known as the Gem state, has also witnessed that the Idaho men sport more moustaches than beards.

How to choose the right beard oil?

A good rule of thumb for choosing a good quality beard oil is that if it doesn’t smell like anything, there’s probably something wrong! Most oils are made from natural ingredients like jojoba and argan oil, so if yours smells like vanilla or something else sweetly artificial, chances are not-so-good because those scents aren’t coming from nature but rather from a chemical.

The best way to apply

The best way to apply is after a hot shower when your pores are open, and you can use it right before bed, so it has time to soak in and do the most good while you sleep. The heat and moisture from the shower open up your facial hair follicles, which allows for more effective absorption of the nutrients in beard oil.

Some oils have medicinal properties that aid in preventing dandruff and itchiness, but all have been shown to soften the skin below your beard and moisturise your hair.


Growing a beard is a great way to express yourself, but taking care of it properly is important. Beard oil is essential to that process because it can help keep your facial hair looking good and feeling soft.